Monday, September 15, 2008

Book Signing and Q & A at the Drama Book Shop in NYC, Sunday, October 12, 2 pm

Post-Performance Stress
Healing and Recovery

a Q & A and book signing with Emmanuelle Chaulet author of
A Balancing Act
The development of Energize! a holistic approach to acting

In a question and answer format, using participants’ experiences and stories while sharing various case studies from her own coaching practice and from her book A BALANCING ACT, Emmanuelle Chaulet will lead a discussion on balancing life and acting, and in particular on post performance stress healing and recovery.
For some actors, characters tend to linger around after the show is over, leaving actors drained and emotionally burnt out. For others, the intensity of performance leaves them in a state of over-excitement and incites them to risky behaviors. Using insight from her technique "Energize! a holistic approach to acting," and information from her book, Emmanuelle Chaulet will help participants find true closure after the end of a show.
Topics will include: Post Show Blues, post show closure, saying goodbye to a character, rebalancing your inner self, keeping the character’s strength, protecting one’s integrity when playing negative personalities, and keeping our creative selves balanced and energized throughout the rollercoaster of a performing artist’s life.


- acting as a mind, body and spirit practice
- actors as emotional athletes, spiritual stuntmen and stuntwomen exposed to a constant roller coaster of emotions
- acting techniques using discoveries from holistic and energy healing modalities
- holistic performance health management advice

Answering an urgent –yet never addressed–need, this book offers:

- an understanding of post-performance stress disorder
- invaluable energy awareness tools to heal post-performance stress disorder
- cutting edge information about recovering your Highest Creative Self, the essence of your character, and true emotional balance

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