Friday, December 16, 2011

2012: New resolutions, new shift, new paradigm

Frost Crystal, by Jean-Pierre Rousset
As we approach the change of year and the entry to 2012, we see that around us everything is already shifting, transforming and even collapsing to open for rebuilding.  Dictatorships becoming democracies, the abundance of the very few starting to be redistributed to others,  the research and finding of new energy resources that will not pollute the earth and obvious climate change: all these things show us that the earth, our home, is profoundly shifting.

The shift that is happening around us is also happening in ourselves. Our cells are shifting on the vibratory level. It can be scary, it can be a roller coaster and we don't know what will come. I invite you all to embrace it and ride the wave as surfers. If you wake up at night and feel the pulse of the change going through you, as I often do, I invite you to breathe through it and let go. I invite you to trust that everything will be all right. It will be a different life, but better for all.

Perhaps it is finally possible that we can trust ourselves, love ourselves, and open up to our inner guidance. As I have often said: ACTORS, PERFORMERS, you are a LIVING WORK OF ART!

Let this sensation inform your thoughts and create inner respect for you, and for others so we can move into a world with a newly found respect for each other.
As performers, you will lead the way.

Best wishes for a happy, prosperous and enlightened year 2012!

Emmanuelle Chaulet