Sunday, June 28, 2009

An Actress with a Mission

How an Iranian actress uses her work, in spite of it all, to teach, inform and educate...
Oscar nominated Shohreh Aghdashloo ( House of Sand and Fog, 24) plays in the intense movie "The Stoning of Soraya M." the role of an Iranian villager who stands up for her niece, who is accused of adultery and sentenced to death.
Sometimes acting becomes more than entertainment...Link

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Interesting questions on practicing your self-clearings

Images by Katheryn Caouette
© Chaulet 2008

QUESTION: I have noticed as I have practiced clearing the chakras, that I seem to have the most difficulty getting through the throat chakra and the 3rd chakra. What kinds of things can I do to work on areas that seem more stuck?

Emmanuelle Chaulet's answer:

Areas that are stuck are usually sign of a block. and when you reach a block you need to ask yourself: " What is this block telling me?" "Which part of me is trying to speak up?"

Throat chakra issues are about saying what you mean, expressing your truth, speaking up when something is a problem. Third chakra issues are about personal power, expressing oneself in the world with our will and our strength. The third chakra is also known as the "will center". It is our capacity to say no, to assert our authority, to assert our will.
So you need to ask yourself: "which are the issues when I don't speak up to say what bothers me and fail to assert what I want?"... I am sure something will come quickly to the forefront and you'll say to yourself: "Ah , that's it!"
Then, you want to keep clearing the issue by sending light, and raising your vibration above the block and perceiving the block clearing in your mind's eye.

Sometimes when blocks are too strong and too deeply entrenched, the help of a practitioner can really get you passed it.
To find practitioners in your area, look at the appendix of the book A BALANCING ACT.

Read more on clearing blocks on Chapter X. A technique using the polar opposite is quite efficient (read Chapter VIII).

QUESTION: [You express] the idea that the expansive feeling we experience on stage results in, or results because of, an expanding aura, and that we need to bring the aura back in closer to us after the show, to return to normal life. We all love that feeling of expansion. I think it's why many of us continue our lives in the theatre. The complication is that we don't want the feeling to stop afterwards! How can we protect the aura but keep the feeling of exuberance that accompanies the experience?

Emmanuelle's Answer:

This is a great question. The feeling of expansion is extraordinary, and we get addicted to it. You get it while performing, teaching, exercising, and also with sugar, alcohol and some drugs.
It is clear what the dangers associated with using sugar, alcohol and drugs are. However there are also real dangers associated with aura expansion while in a "normal" life setting such as in a dense grocery store, in a bar, or riding in a subway. The aura can rip and tear, it can collect lots of dirt and "parasites" so to speak. It can get real damaged. So it is very important to keep the aura closer to the body in normal day to day settings.

However, you can devote some time to expand the aura in safe situations like walking on the beach, hiking a mountain, or meditating...and keep getting that "high" in safe places.
The feeling of joy associated with it can also be called independently of the aura expansion. If you call on the vibration of joy to stay with you, and raise your vibration high enough, it will most likely stay with you throughout your day.

What is true however is that to keep your system clear is a way of life. As you become clearer and clearer, you will not want to do certain things anymore, such as go in dense and dark places. I myself cannot take the New York subway any longer. And I used to live in NYC and had no problems with it. I have a real hard time staying more than a half-hour in that energetic environment and had to adapt my timing and take the bus instead while I was in NYC last October.

So, in conclusion, to keep that feeling of expansion and stay safe, you need to find the right places to do it... I love expanding my aura while walking at the edge of the water on the beach where all the elements are fusing together: water, sun, wind, and earth. You should try it over the summer!! (and remember to bring it back closer when you go home)...

Warm Regards,


Monday, June 8, 2009

LAST CALL to register for the JUNE 13, 2009 workshop: Energize

LAST CALL to register for the JUNE 13, 2009 workshop: Energize: a Holistic Approach to Acting
The Mind/body/spirit connection

To register email:
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The workshop will give an introductory class on:

-Energy awareness, What are chakras, aura, the Energy system (overview)

-Applications in acting, bridging inside-out/outside-in approaches,
(lecture and exercises)

with Focus on Post-Performance Blues: Finding closure after the emotional roller-coaster of performance

-Post-performance stress analysis,

-Post-show closure meditation, visualization, character withdrawal.
(lecture and exercises)

Please bring a yoga /gym mat (or blanket) and pillow, water,
and... your questions!

WHEN: Saturday June 13, 1 pm-5 pm

WHERE: Pierre Studio and Gallery

Dana Warp Mill,
Suite 350, 90 bridge street
Westbrook, Maine.

FEE: $60 /participants (students $50)

Pre-registration is required.. This is not a walk-in class.

Looking forward to having you in the class...

Emmanuelle Chaulet

Emmanuelle Chaulet
Starlight Acting Institute, director

Energize! a holistic approach to acting

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Do you feel the cloud too?

Do you feel irritable? anxious for no reason, upset, angry, frustrated, or overly emotional? It could just be that there is inbalance in your environment.. not just in you!
At HearthMath Institute there is a study about how to dissipate the dark cloud of negative energy that is currently around the earth energy field. By using our heartfelt intention and meditation techniques we can collectively rebalance the earth energy field and ourselves...
Just vizualise GAIA, the planet Earth in love and light... send positive energy and emotions of peace, harmony and love to the planet... every little drop can help get us to the tipping point...

For more information please check:

New Density Dissipation Lock-In
A cloud of mental and emotional distortion has built up in the earth’s planetary field environment from cumulative negative emotions, Institute of HeartMath founder Doc Childre observes in a new tool he has created to help people dissipate the cloud. Click to Article