Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Upward! Raise Your Vibration

Dear Friends,

Spring is here!
We finally are able to come out of hiding and expand, leaving behind the dust and grit of winter..
Crocuses and daffodils are springing out of the ground, Tentative rays of sunshine warm our faces.
Spring means, at the same time leaping forward or upward and also 'a source of water.' Water is the flow, the breath, Life, Light. Water reflects emotions and thoughts as Dr. Emoto showed us in "Messages From Water"
Spring is the renewal, the detoxing of our deep cells, of our thoughts and of our souls.

Springing upward also means raising our vibration.
Many people wonder how to raise their vibrations.
It is a very subtle change in the energy field, yet it is unmistakable. It is the feeling of the diver going down to the bottom of the pool to then kick back up to the surface with a slight push. It is the sensation of the athlete jumping high over an obstacle, the emotion of the singer reaching the high note, or the sensation of accomplishment given by the perfect movement of the dancer.

Raising your vibration is the feeling of being "in the zone," with perfect timing, high creativity, hyper awareness, great intuition and pure joy.
But, you'll ask: How do you get that sensation systematically? Practice, practice, practice!

Where do you start?

-First notice:
Next time your vibration is naturally high, try to make a note of what it feels like; observe yourself, note what brought you there. Perhaps it is a walk on the beach or a hike up a mountain. When you are in that perfect state, everything flows naturally, easily, and your judgment is sharp, accurate, your energy is high and your joy is intense. But it is a hard thing to remember as memory does not span vibration. However, the more aware you are, the better your body will be able to recall that sensation later.

-Then, repeat:  When your vibration is high, your whole energy system is working perfectly. The energy system is like a pipe line system. If the flow of energy is blocked somewhere, you will feel it everywhere. The same way that if in your house the plumbing is clogged in the kitchen, it will sometimes overflow in the bathroom as well. Energy clearing is done though meditation, focused intention on the clearing of the chakras and aura, and with a solid foundation of self-love.

For energy to flow freely everywhere, the whole system must be clear. It means, that your whole body must be clear. Therefore, the 4 pillars of health, nutrition, sleep, physical activity, and energy clearing, all work in unison, like the cords of a guitar, need to all be in tune for the final accord to be harmonious.
This is why a high vibration is at the same time the result of good sleep,  good nutrition, physical activity and regular energy clearing.

Practice practice practice, it will become easier as time goes on..

So spring forward to a high vibration,
Happiness and radiance are awaiting.

Emmanuelle Chaulet,

Emmanuelle Chaulet
Starlight Acting Institute, director

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