Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Clean your Self....

Photo Jean-Pierre Rousset
Spring is coming... Yesterday in Maine, we had the most beautiful weather and 62ºF!!! an incredible warmth for us up north, Down East..... Spring means that the time has come for new life to sprout out of the dark, moist soil. It also means for many of us, clearing the path for this new life, new energy by cleaning houses, closets, and attics.

How about cleaning and clearing your inner closets and attics?
Letting go of what you do not need or want, and of the blocks in your way. Releasing and transmuting your fears, your limitations to open the door to new ideas, thought patterns and strength.  Releasing expectations from others, and expectations that you put on your own shoulders. Letting the free, loving, clearing Light repair your system to bring you to your highest potential and creativity.

Visualize, perceive this beam of light entering the top of your head, then touching your forehead (the place between your eyes, also called the Third Eye), your throat, your heart. In your heart this beam of light bathes and calms your heart rate, bringing it to coherence. Focus on feelings of appreciation and gratitude to regulate your nervous system. Open your heart to the infinite Love of Source.
Release the stress, negative emotions and pain and let them be transformed in the infinite cosmos.

Continue by perceiving this beam of light touching and clearing your solar plexus, then your lower abdomen, and then let it pass your feet going down to the center and crystalin core of the Earth. It connects you from heaven to earth, like an antena running through your spine.

Then feel this beautiful, and clearing energy surround you in a bubble of lights and colors. In that bubble you can recharge and regenerate.
This sphere of light is protective and clearing. It rotates clockwise,  from left to right, and raises the vibration of your energy system.

Then concentrate again on your heart, feeling the warmth of the energy source in your heart.
Finally, reconnect with your five senses, smell, touch, sound, taste, and sight and the room, and the here and now.

If you take the time each day to mentally clear your energy system like this, you will feel lighter and clearer.
I will be happy to help you learn these skills through my program of sessions and tele-sessions via Skype or phone.

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Invest in yourself... learn how to clear the path in front of you and manifest your highest potential.
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Take great care,

Emmanuelle Chaulet
Energy Awareness Counselor, CRPL3, Artists coach
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