Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Did Kiefer Sutherland become Jack Bauer?

Obviously, the star of 24 is not seeing clearly the frontier between his own self and his character self. Behaving more and more violently as Jack Bauer does, he was charged with assault after headbutting a fashion designer at a party.
Now the two men have come to an understanding after Kiefer apologized, and charges might be dropped, but this reminds us of our ongoing question: isn't it a case of post-performance stress? Does Keifer Sutherland have a hard time letting go of Jack Bauer? After all, he has performed 8 seasons of 24 hours...killing, torturing and saving millions of people in the process. Has violence become so "normal" for him that in real life he has no discernment?
Does he drink because he can't shake the character off? 

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Emmanuelle Chaulet and Bridgette Murphy: LATE NITE CONVERSATIONS, a radio show with Allan Holender

Last night Emmanuelle Chaulet was guest on the radio show LATE NITE CONVERSATIONS.
It was a fascinating discussion with actress and speaker Bridgette Murphy, and Allan Holender, author and founder, The Zentrepreneurship Centre (www.zentrepreneurism.com) on emotional balancing, passion, purpose, energy, higher self, and the future of the world ....

To listen to the radio cast:

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A new kind of BlogTalk Radio for a changing world. Author, Futurist and radio personality, Allan Holender mixes his brand of "hot talk" with "cool jazz". Join Allan for some very cool late nite chatter with intelligent optimists and unreasonable people. "All progress depends on the unreasonable man or woman"- George Bernard Shaw. So grab a pillow, your slippers and a glass of wine (optional!) and log in. Your Thursday night will never be the same again!

LINK: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Papa-Zen


Thursday, May 7, 2009

SPRING CLEAN YOUR ACTING SELF! Holistic Acting Workhop - Saturday, June 13

Energize: a Holistic Approach to Acting

Introductory workshop with Emmanuelle Chaulet
(for committed actors)
  • The Mind/body/spirit connection,
  • Energy awareness, What are chakras, aura, the Energy system (overview)
  • Applications in acting, bridging inside-out/outside-in approaches,
(lecture and exercises)

with Focus on Post-Performance Blues: Finding closure after the emotional roller-coaster of performance
  • Post-performance stress analysis,
  • post-show closure meditation, visualization
  • character withdrawal.
(lecture and exercises)

WHEN: Saturday June 13, 1 pm-5 pm

WHERE: Dana Warp Mill, Westbrook, Maine.

FEE: $60 /participants (students $50)

Payment required by June 1.

REGISTER NOW: To register email: 

THE BOOK: A BALANCING ACT, the development of Energize a holistic approach to acting will help students go further and retain a lot more of the presented information. $24.95 (Starlight Acting Books 2008)

Starlight Acting Books offer a 10% discount on the book for individual students attending workshops. to get the discount