Thursday, November 25, 2010

Best Wishes for the Holidays!

Now is a time for caring, loving and being grateful… exactly the feelings we need to lower our stress level! So, do not let yourself get pressured down by all the expectations that our commercial culture has put around the holidays. Rather, gently but firmly, reject these expectations, to instead focus on the feelings of care, appreciation, love and gratitude. People around you will too, feel relieved that you do not play the “expectation game.” Kindly express and offer around you genuine and truthful care instead. The frugal economy climate is a great reason to downsize material gifts and focus on spiritual and meaningful gifts. You’d be surprised to see how many sighs of relief will result from this shift in perspective!

And take also the time to care for YOU! As we enter our final phase before the winter solstice in a few weeks, it is now time to introspect, reflect, recharge, refill and make plans for the New Year. How wonderful and fun is it to be doing this daydreaming, and future mapping of our lives! Let’s not put unrealistic expectations on ourselves either, with New Year resolutions that are impossible to keep. But instead, meditate and journal your thoughts. Think about where you are now, where you want to go next, and how to appreciate the journey ahead, keeping in sight that the PRESENT is the GIFT.

Take great care, and best wishes,

Emmanuelle Chaulet
Energy Awareness Counselor, CRPL3
Artists’ coach


A BALANCING ACT: A book to reclaim the Highest Artist Within
This is a meaningful gift for the special artists in your life!
A book that can change the way they’ll look at their craft and at themselves, teaching them new tools to care for their instrument, boosting their confidence, self-esteem and stage presence.
Holiday Special:  All books ordered via STARLIGHT ACTING BOOKS before December 17 will be signed by the author (free of charge).
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Gift Certificates for phone or in-person sessions with Emmanuelle Chaulet.
ENERGIZE™ sessions clarify the mind and spirit, relieve stress, increase stage presence, and help with decision-making, creativity and empowerment. Special FIND YOUR STAR POWER session for young professional musicians and actors.
Purchase the session you’d like on line, and then Email me the name and address of the person you want to gift. I’ll send you a lovely gift certificate card (on paper or electronically, it’s your choice). 90 minutes sessions starts at $70 for students.


The first week of November, I was honored to be invited as Guest Artist to teach 8 master-classes at Virginia Commonwealth University Theatre Department, in Richmond, VA and was thrilled to meet so many talented, committed and mature students. Clearly the ENERGIZE™ work spoke to them and I felt truly excited to be able to share my discoveries with this group.
I presented the modules: “ENERGIZE™ a holistic approach to acting (overview),” “Pre-Performance Preparation,” “Post-Performance Blues,” “Energy Anatomy,” and discussed elements of “The Actor Spiritual Purpose,” as well as some of the “Character Vibration and Blueprint.”
I am grateful to my dear friend and colleague Josh Chenard, to have hosted and organized this series of workshops. I hope we will soon present this kind of ENERGIZING week to other schools. Josh is a certified Michael Chekhov Technique teacher, and offers Archetypes workshops. 
Contact me for more information or to bring us to your school.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Institute of HeartMath Feeds Food for Thought with Science of Thanksgiving Gratitude

Institute of HeartMath Feeds Food for Thought with Science of Thanksgiving Gratitude

To read at Thanksgiving time... why it works to focus on feelings of appreciation and gratitude to re-balance your body, mind, spirit and emotions....
In these holiday frenzy times, when you – the performers– are the most busy with shows and concerts, learn to take a few pauses, breathe deeply, appreciate something simple, perhaps just the fact you are doing what you love, to be able to recharge your energy and fly higher....

I am grateful to share what I have learned with so many talented people,

Emmanuelle Chaulet
Acting coach, Energy Awareness counselor

Saturday, November 6, 2010

An ENERGIZING week at VCU theatre department

I just spent a truly energizing week in Richmond with the students of Virginia Commonwealth University.
Invited to teach master classes in ENERGIZE for 5 fun-filled days, I want to thank everyone at VCU for such a warm welcome, and a truly committed, focused, and high energy vibration week!

In particular I want to thank my dear friend and colleague Josh Chenard, who has not only been a  most gracious host, but also an inspiration. Congratulations on ANIMAL FARM, the show which opened last night and which he directed. An inspiring, thought provoking moment of theatre!
Kudos to all the actors who showed a feeling of ease on stilts and with masks..

A Bientôt!!

Emmanuelle Chaulet