Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gratitude, Trust and Balance

©  Photo Jean-Pierre Rousset
Today, as I look through my home office window, I see the red rising sun above the sacred mountain of Basque country "La Rhune," in the south of France.
A few weeks ago, it was this amazing rainbow that I saw. Surrounded by mountains, yet on the edge of the Atlantic ocean, along a dramatic rocky coast line and beautiful sandy beaches, my new home is a blessing of peace and harmony.

I give great thanks for my new life in France, which not only gives me bliss, but also enables me to be of greater service to actors, as I regularly travel to Paris to teach and coach professional French artists in film and theatre.

But this new life did not come to me without doubts and fears. It actually took a great deal of trust to jump in the unknown like this about 16 months ago, when I left Maine, which had been my home for 22 years.

But sometimes, life calls for Trust! Trust in the future, trust in life itself and mostly trust in yourself and your dream. As you close this year 2014, reflect on what you have accomplished, and dare to dream about what you really want... Is your artist's dream tangible? Do you think about it as if it is really yours or do you still doubt it will ever happen?

Being an actor is one of the most difficult careers. You are the work. You are the art. You are the living work of art, filled with excitement and joy but also with pain, anxiety and fear... Going through this roller coaster of emotions can be tough. I know. I did it.

This is why my passion has been to share with you my experience and the tools I found along the way to help balance it all and find peace and harmony while being a performer.

My book A BALANCING ACT is the account of my journey, and of the development of a method to help you actors, reclaim your power, your harmony, your peace while increasing your ability to perform and get in and out of character.

In this time of thanks and giving, think about your actor friends who might need to read it or treat yourself! I do trust you will find important information in it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Emmanuelle Chaulet

Artists coach 

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"In fifteen chapters and six appendices, Chaulet’s carefully crafted method takes the actor on a journey from a personal awareness of his/her energy system, to an application of that knowledge in the creation of a character. 
The weaving into the text of prior realistic acting methodologies provides a strong basis for her approach, [which] unites realism as an aesthetic ideal with the energy of the body based on the Hindu chakra system."
Barbara Sellers-Young
York University
for Theatre Topics, September 2009 issue

" Chaulet readily concedes that she has picked up the trail where others ceased blazing, but she is deft in weaving the ideas together into a relevant system [ ... ] Plainly, Chaulet makes her case. The craft of acting has had an unspoken need for a system that dedicates itself solely to balancing who we are with who we are required to become. The structure of ENERGIZE is accessible because it provides an overview of various holistic centering techniques, and successful because it serves as a solid launching platform for those who want to develop their own pre- and post-performance rituals with further research."
J.J. Cobb, Eastern Connecticut State University
for The New England Theatre Journal 

"It is rare to find a subject that urgently needs to be discussed and about which too little is written. The need to train the entire being of the performing artist is just such a subject. Emmanuelle Chaulet's A Balancing Act is a godsend to performing artists of any sort. Knowing how to Energize allows us to endure and even thrive during the rise and fall, the constant state of transformation, the juggling of feelings, styles, jobs, and colleagues while maintaining an even keel." 

Lisa Dalton, Co-founder, International Michael Chekhov Association,
Award-Winning Actor/Producer/Director and Co-founder and Certifying Board,
National Michael Chekhov Association

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Thank you MCC Theatre!

May 2014 :

My plane just touched down in Boston Logan and here I was, back in America for a few weeks. My dear friend Karen Oster's smile welcomed me warmly and we hopped in the car to Lowell Mass, and Middlesex Community College, where she chairs the Department of Theatre and Dance. After a great night sleep to catch up on jet lag, followed by a nice breakfast, I met with the group of 17 students who are currently enrolled or just graduated from the theatre program. I was greated with great anticipation and a very warm welcome.

We spent two wonderful days exploring the various aspect of ENERGIZE, and worked on the many topics outlined in my book A BALANCING ACT.
From theory to practice, questions to exercises, group discussions to individual reflections we explored the ENERGIZE technique, the anatomy of the energy system, learned how to clear blocks, explored archetypes and inner characters and finally discussed the spiritual purpose of acting.

Here are the comments from the students at the end of these two days: I feel so grateful and honored to have met such a wonderful group of talented young artists.

Thank you all!
I hope to see you again soon,


Middlesex Community College, Lowell Mass

ENERGIZE workshop, May 20 & 21, 2014

I loved the workshop. I truly feel blessed to have you here and will add this class to my resume. I feel more determined and focused than ever. I look at acting and the energy level much more differently now, with more of a timely approach. A deeper interaction with my characters will play. Jemaine Welch
I recalibrated my dreams. I particularly loved all the group discussions and the energy movements inspired by the elements (earth, water, air, fire). You are an intensely magical woman. Thank you. Charlette Renault-Caragianes
I am truly grateful for this experience. I was able to understand things about myself that I never realized before. I have become aware of feelings and energy I’ve never felt before. It was amazing. Josh Ray
As a new actor it was interesting to listen to the different obstacles people face throughout their acting career. Being novice in the performing arts, I feel this workshop has prepared me for what it to come. Amin Gholizadeh
I genuinely feel as though this workshop made me more aware and able to identify aspects of myself. By being able to isolate the faces of my personality, I could better my ability to care for myself and approached acting in a new way. Thank you so much.
Molly Flood
I am grateful for this opportunity to become aware of blocks and the steps I can take to remove them. I am so thankful to hear of cords and how oppressive they can be. Thank you for educating, enlightening, nurturing and gracing us with your presence. Amanda Cochrane
I truly wish that we had more time to share with you. What you have to share is special and important. It really helped me to watch and listen to others as well. But I enjoyed everything we did especially watching the Voice Dialogue. You teach in such a way that it feels more than just teaching. This is an experience that truly altered how I perceive acting. Anonymous
Fabulous. A very different approach BEFORE the approach even begins! Anonymous
I feel like this workshop helped me to finalize the first steps on my new path. I feel that I am more open to embracing my inner peace and positivity and the possibility to make great changes in my life for the better. I had no idea what to expect from this but I would have liked it to be longer. Thank you so much. John Bachelder
This was an incredible opportunity. I am very glad I was involved. This workshop taught me to be more open minded about life and the act of meditation. I would love to learn more about the aura, flower of life and chakras. I will definitely be reading those books you suggested. Merci Beaucoup! Tyler Armstrong
I feel so blessed to have been a part of this. This workshop has come at a time where there has been a shift in my subconscious. I needed this workshop. I feel a bit more prepared, ready to explore myself, my true self. Cookie Dibiase
I did not know exactly how to feel at the beginning. This type of acting has been strange and ambiguous. I tried to challenge you with hard questions, and your answers made my outlook change in a good way. You handled a wide variety of topics in a great manner. I am very glad you came! Matthew Vacher-Weill
The energy work/meditation session really opened up my eyes to a positive outlook and how powerful this light energy can be. Anonymous
Amazing workshop. I feel so much closure. I was so grateful to be in your presence. Thank you so much for your time! Patrick MacCorkle
You are truly a life-changing woman. Your warmth, openness and knowledge enlightened my spirit and soul. You are a gem in the world. Thank you. Cassandra Milne
I really liked the workshop. Very inspiring. I feel renewed strong enough to take on my beliefs and my desire. Anonymous
I absolutely loved this workshop and really want to learn more about working with and clearing energy blocks within myself. Thank you for bringing this information to us and sharing your work as an artist who desires to help heal people. You have really inspired me to truly believe that healing is really possible, attainable and tangible. Anonymous
It was so opening. I guess as a body worker I study this stuff often, but I don’t relate it to myself. It was beautiful but challenging to relate it to myself. Kelly Maglio