Friday, February 24, 2012

The Artistic Flame

 Ancient ceremony: 
Greek actress Maria Nafpliotou lights the Olympic Torch 

This winter, I learned that the first stepping stone for any creative or artistic endeavor is vibrant health. Without vibrant health, your creativity is stifled and you are forced to pause.
I learned this of course the hard way.  I was forced to pause and take care of myself. It felt like I was held back. In fact, I was moving forward on my path...

Vibrant Health is supported by emotional balance, rest and proper nutrition.

Artists too often neglect these stable pillars in their lives, and believe that they only need intense emotions, fast pace lives, and exciting rush to create. It strikes me that often, intense pathos, drama and adrenaline surge will give the illusion of creation, but they will more likely open the gate to the expression of one's personal crisis, and not the gate to creativity.

What is the Creative Source, the Artistic Muse? Does it reside within ourselves or outside of us? Is it personal or universal? As a young actress, I thought I had to suffer to perform well, and share my pain, "wring my guts" as the French say.

Now I know that the Artistic Muse will touch an artist with the gift of transmitting love, beauty, and harmony. It will pass the flame of wisdom, and ask you to share it with the world. It will charge you with a mission and a purpose. Perhaps you will be asked to open people's eyes to terrible realities so they can turn to beauty and love. Perhaps you will be charged to show peace and harmony. But no matter the case, the Muse will whisper in your ears, if you only learn to listen.  Your work is to relax, tune in and get ready.

This is why vibrant health is so important for an artist: you need to get prepared to carry the flame of the Artistic Muse like an Olympic athlete carries the torch.

So, take great care of your Artist Selves, get ready!

Emmanuelle Chaulet

Artists Coach