Saturday, February 14, 2009

What's with Zumba?

I started Zumba a few weeks ago and I have to say... I am hooked! and it seems there are more and more women of all ages and shapes in my class every week who are getting hooked too.. The class seems growing like a field of weeds... or rather beautiful rich flowers that love moving and swaying in the sun.... Zumba has taken the world of fitness into a dance spreading like fire...

What is so attractive in Zumba?

I guess Zumba stirs our deepest energies of movement, activates the Flowers of Life of our bodies, and gets the energy circulating fast and furiously, with all these curvy moves and salsa hip circles and rapid, trance-like vibrations.

Zumba brings the feminine out in all its power: the seductive power of pure, joyful, healthy sexual energy, transmuted into vitality, fun, and joy.

The class is filled with giggles, laughs, thrills, excitement, as ladies (and men too.. but in my class they have not shown up yet) move their hips, butts, arms, legs, and cadence on hot, salsa, merengue, and other latino rhythms.

It brings our fire out and burns and releases all the blocks and restraints. Watch out as it releases your power to say no, to express your own views, to ask for what you want and to set your boundaries...

It reclaims our feminine power, our joy, our movement from deep buried past lives, or far away cultures, when, where our body was sacred and not stained by guilt and repressed freedom.

Someone jokingly asked if the Spanish songs of Zumba where 'dirty'. Our instructor justly said: no there is nothing dirty about these songs!.. They are about life, joy, love, sex.. pure joy and freedom of movement in our third dimension body.

Zumba is fun movement, it is tease, it is seduction, it is spicing up your body...


Happy Valentine's Day!

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