Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What are you sacrificing in order to achieve success?

Jephthah's sacrifice - Maciejowski Bible

I just participated in an interesting discussion on a Linkedin actors group about  sacrifice... So what are YOU sacrificing for success?

It is true that becoming an artist, whether actor, dancer, musician is a road full of sacrifices. Often, one needs to abandon the idea of a stable life, to tour with a suitcase and perform in small towns, where after the thrill of the stage, there is nothing much waiting for you but a hotel room with hundreds of cable channels..
Often, one needs to leave friends, family, roots to pursue a dream in LA, New York, Paris..
Often, one needs to live with no money, juggling jobs, waiting tables or putting double shifts to make ends meet, with no time to do what others can do: have relaxing moments. Often, one needs to accept daily rejection for the hope of one day, getting the big break.
Often, one needs to also put long hours of practice, suffer in the physical or emotional body, all of this in the sacred name of ART.

I did that, we all do that.. we all think that suffering will produce good work.. that we need to feel pain in order to be creative, to pursue our dream. We are the soldiers of the stage, the gladiators in the arena...eradicating any weakness in ourselves, not in the name of freedom, but in the name of creativity.

But let me tell you, you can sacrifice all you want, but NEVER sacrifice your soul... know who you truly are, find, connect with and nurture your true self. Spend time with it and sit with it, supporting its growth.  Be the gardener to your soul. Give it time, light, water, love.. and watch it grow.

It is the only thing that will keep you going, because the road ahead is going to be tough.. no question!
So take great care of YOU with compassion and love.

F. Emmanuelle Chaulet
artists coach
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