Friday, November 7, 2008


A Balancing Act: The Development of Energize! A Holistic Approach to Acting,
by F. Emmanuelle Chaulet

October 31, 2008
REVIEW By Jackie Apodaca, actress and Faculty at the University of California Santa Barbara

While reading F. Emmanuelle Chaulet's book, I completed a very enjoyable run as Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing. On closing night, after walking offstage from the wrenching wedding scene, I burst into tears. In the dressing room, I mentioned it to the actor playing Hero, who admitted she had experienced the same thing. I couldn't shake those feelings for the rest of the evening. Such an experience is precisely what Chaulet's method grapples with: How can actors who convincingly pretend they're having heart-rending, tumultuous experiences let those experiences go at the end of a scene? How can actors fully and believably take on other people's lives without damaging their own?

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Anonymous said...

fabulous! great review

Anonymous said...

Fascinating. Is it possible to meet the author and go into her techniques in depth?

Thank you for all

Anonymous said...

I just began to read the book. Author's bio is a must. The way she write is like a river. Can't wait for more.

Emmanuelle said...

In response to the question whether "A Balancing Act" is a "How To" book or not:
It is not meant to be an exercise manual. It is meant to be an introduction to a new approach and philosophy in acting, introducing actors to key concepts and vocabulary of Energy Healing work as applied to acting. It is more a theory monograph as the subtitle indicates: "the development of Energize! a holistic approach to acting."

Some exercises are disclosed in the appendix, however, a HOW TO manual will be the focus of a second book and CD .