Friday, March 27, 2009

ANPACT (Association for the New Paradigm in Acting and Creative Techniques) is born!

Emmanuelle Chaulet (Starlight Acting Institute) and Laura Vannah (Bright Star ProductionZ) joined forces to create ANPACT: the Association for the New Paradigm in Acting and Creative Techniques: a networking group discussing the new paradigm currently growing in the performing arts, actor training and acting techniques, including, but not limited to: Spirituality and Acting, Holistic Acting, Energy work, Chakra work, Shamanism, Native American Animal Totem work, Shadow work, Spiritual Gesture, Hypnotism, Breath work, Dream work, Voice Dialogue, Meditation, Contemplative Mindfulness and many more emerging techniques. ANPACT was co-founded by Emmanuelle Chaulet and Laura Vannah

To receive information, start networking and learn about upcoming events, you can join one of the two listserve groups respectively on Facebook or Linkedin:

The official website is under construction and hosted at: www.anpact.orgLink

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