Thursday, June 4, 2009

Do you feel the cloud too?

Do you feel irritable? anxious for no reason, upset, angry, frustrated, or overly emotional? It could just be that there is inbalance in your environment.. not just in you!
At HearthMath Institute there is a study about how to dissipate the dark cloud of negative energy that is currently around the earth energy field. By using our heartfelt intention and meditation techniques we can collectively rebalance the earth energy field and ourselves...
Just vizualise GAIA, the planet Earth in love and light... send positive energy and emotions of peace, harmony and love to the planet... every little drop can help get us to the tipping point...

For more information please check:

New Density Dissipation Lock-In
A cloud of mental and emotional distortion has built up in the earth’s planetary field environment from cumulative negative emotions, Institute of HeartMath founder Doc Childre observes in a new tool he has created to help people dissipate the cloud. Click to Article

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