Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Feel the VIBE....

Energize! A holistic approach to acting

an energy awareness training for performers

©2009 F. Emmanuelle Chaulet

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In the beginning was the word … on a page, the intention, the idea, and the thought.
The thought vibrates as a wave, transforming the space and changing the atmosphere.
The vibration of the thought, as a wave, grows though space and time and creates manifestations of emotions, circumstances, events and stories. They unfold, unfurl, and break on the shore of the stage. The actor does not think but rides the wave –the vibration, the energy– and lets it grow, unfold, unleashing its power, its glory. The actor is the channel of this wave, flowing, fluid, moving through space and time. The actor-waterway lets the thought –the vibration– lead. He relinquishes full control. He lets go…

The actor watches the vibration-wave evolve through him, becoming fully human, becoming Character. The Character descends from the imagination of its creator, finding existence on the stage, and incarnating for a moment in the imaginary circumstances, in the actor’s body. The Character looks for flesh and bones to find its presence and lives for a moment, an hour, a few weeks. This fragile ball of light and thoughts suddenly becomes flesh, becomes real, and becomes a human story. The Character inhabits the actor’s body.

The actor, who is trained with the knowledge of energy awareness and has learned energy clearing techniques, has become skilled at using energy vibrations and does not get lost in them. The actor has learned to tune his instrument to the accurate channel and attract the Character’s frequency. The actor has learned to use his energy wheels of light and to process this vibration throughout his energetic body.

The actor’s body is invaded for a while and reflects the blueprint of the Character. A blank energetic canvas transformed into another being, the actor’s body changes like a chameleon, shape-shifting to reflect the new energy. Each cell, each bone, each muscle is transformed and takes on this new vibration… For a moment on stage, the Character’s love, pain, struggle, desires, challenges and fights become the actor’s ones.

The actor loves this sensation of being two. Like a mother carrying a child, being both and one at the same time, being one and being two. Being self and someone else, but still watching from the inside, from outside, beyond and above; watching closely to keep control and to let go at the same time. Like a dance with two partners, they intertwine and separate.

The actor becomes a Living Work of Art.

Then the applause breaks the magic and the actor must say goodbye, let the energy return to a ball and to the page, and let go of the mirage of the attraction, addition, and dependence. The actor must return to self and become one again…This is the dangerous moment when the actor is tempted to hold on, to keep the other self, and never go back to the monotony of daily normality. This is the risky instant when the self can be lost, and the Character wants to take over the flesh and merge with it.

But with willpower and energy clearing knowledge, with proper energy awareness training and practice, the actor can say goodbye for a while or forever, and return to his true self, to his joy, his happiness, his peace and his balance. The actor has learned to clear his instrument before and after the performance. The actor has learned to transform the Character’s energy and remove the negative pull at the end of a performance. The actor knows how to get rid of blocks and avoid the traps. The actor is an energy athlete.

Tomorrow it will start all over again.
It’s A Balancing Act.

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