Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall 09 Energize e-news letter:

Dear Friends,

Fall just surprised us last week and we only have a few more weeks before the annual change away from daylight saving time, scheduled on November 1… Readjusting to darkness falling early is always a challenge for us up in Maine!

But looking at the ‘bright’ side of things ;=) we’ll get longer evenings, sitting by the fire or the stove, for writing, reading, knitting, storytelling, playing, rehearsing, watching good movies or plays, dancing, and for simply being…

Upcoming is a time of reflection inward and re-aligning to our inner-world. 2009 was a trying year for many. The earth is changing rapidly and we are called to adjust and re-align without question, or we will simply no longer be. It is now clear that we cannot continue on the path of self-destruction. As Eckhart Tolle justly points out: “we are running out of time!” The recent planetary catastrophes (tsunami again, along with earthquakes and various shifts) do not give us mixed messages, but say to us loud and clear: change!

So what are you willing to change? What are your new life-guiding principles going to be? Are you ready to walk the talk?

As you already know from your various acting teachers: actors should be able to walk and talk at the same time! The time has come to make the commitment to realign your beautiful selves and raise your vibrations so you can show the way to others. As actors, directors, performers, you have a responsibility to the world: the responsibility to show, demonstrate, educate, and teach, so the world can evolve to a better more peaceful place. You are so much more than entertainers: you are what Derek Rydall calls “Enlightened Entertainers.” You are the new “saltimbanques” (traveling acrobats) of the Italian and Molière traditions of theatre: you are the precious instruments of the change at hand and you are walking the tight rope of its creation.

So look-up, laugh, smile, balance and roll up your sleeves! The work of change is arduous and challenging but it is so much fun and so exciting…

Start it at the beginning: start it within….

F. Emmanuelle Chaulet

Starlight Acting Institute, director


Eckhart Tolle’s website

Derek Rydall’s website

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