Sunday, January 17, 2010


I am thrilled that A BALANCING ACT just received a wonderful review in the highly respected New England Theatre Journal, a scholarly publication by the New England Theatre Conference.

My favorite sentences are:

" Chaulet readily concedes that she has picked up the trail where others ceased blazing, but she is deft in weaving the ideas together into a relevant system" ...

" Plainly, Chaulet makes her case. The craft of acting has had an unspoken need for a system that dedicates itself solely to balancing who we are with who we are required to become.The structure of Energize! is accessible because it provides an overview of various holistic centering techniques, and successful because it serves as a solid launching platform for those who want to develop their own pre- and post-performance rituals with further research."

By J.J. Cobb, Eastern Connecticut State University

You can get copies of the journal by contacting the New England Theatre Conference

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