Monday, May 31, 2010

To Boot or Not to Boot? That is the question

So you think a BOOT CAMP will develop your creativity, sensitivity, sensory awareness and subtle energy presence on stage?

I happen to think that actors need the exact opposite: gentle, positive, relaxing, nurturing of your instrument; and a mind, body, spirit connection. You ARE after all, the work of art.
So, let's say you are a musician; would you send your Steinway or Stradivarius to a boot camp for tuning?  Would you want the tuner of your instrument to bang on the keys violently or to use force when repairing your delicate instrument? Of course not! You'd want them to take good care of it and be gentle, respectlful, loving so they tune it to its highest potential. It's time to do the same with your instrument-self. 

Use self-love, self-appreciation, and self-esteem development techniques...Tune and clear your body and mind gently, lovingly. Use  yoga, stretching and visualizations and energy relaxation exercises. Enfold your emotional range with safety and stress relief techniques. Learn the anatomy of your emotional and energy system to better manage the highs and the lows.  Discover ways to recuperate your strength your energy and your power. Reclaim your creative self, reclaim your Artist within. 

In order to do this your approach must be loving, caring, and appreciative. You must be indulgent and understanding. You must listen to your selves, to the voices within. You need to take the time and allow the space for your inner artist to enfold his wings.
You need to listen within.

Each of you, artist, is unique, precious and fragile too. Like flowers, sunsets or rainbows, you illuminate when you perform, yet your works of art are always changing and ephemeral.

 Your training must take this into consideration. You are a living work of art.

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Emmanuelle Chaulet, acting coach

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L said...

I think that the boot camp mentality is good for new actors entering the world of acting. It prepares them for the often aggressive competition, emotionally disconnected auditions,demanding directors and walking away without compliments or knowing how you are doing on set or stage many times. In film we wait sometimes many years before we receive our gratification or disappointment after the screening.
Theater is almost instant gratification, but can be harsh as well as exciting.Sometimes quite attacking to the character.The actor needs to be strong and I think the boot camp training style gets them ready for that.
I agree with you about more nurturing, validating and cultivating our craft in an honoring environment. This is after we have paid our dues and are professionals.
Us artists who have passed that process and work toward the honing and polishing of our craft fit into that category.
Actors and artists in general are usually fragile sensitive people. We hurt easy and are more sensitive to criticism; after all what we do is make ourselves vulnerable to those that we hope to entertain ;their opinion can either validate or hurt us emotionally. At the end of the day we go home with this and no one knows how we are affected,but us and our loved ones.
We spend many hours going into areas of our mind, past hidden ghosts, heart and spirit in an effort to bring the reality to our characters. We often go into places of our minds where most folks would fear to go or likely break down if they did.
With that said I support your idea of the metaphysical approach to furthering our talent and becoming one with our art. A nurturing supporting environment of training and further development is a great idea and I believe that there may be some schools and instructors out there that do that. I certainly do as an actor and acting coach.
Thanks for the positive thoughts.