Sunday, May 29, 2011

Voice Dialogue for Performers

Voice Dialogue is a powerful technique for all but holds special interest for perfomers.

Voice Dialogue, created by Dr. Hal and Sidra Stone, is a guided, facilitated process to explore the inner world of the Selves or Sub-Personalities and develop an Aware Ego Process. In Voice Dialogue, a facilitator will help you let your inner-selves speak their thoughts and voice their feelings and opinions on an issue that is important to you. Typically during a session, one will open the discussion and ask to speak to two polar opposites. For example, we would talk to the part of you that loves beeing lazy, and later on, to its complete opposite, the part of you that is an overachiever; or to the fearless part of you and then to the part that is afraid, etc. We would discuss their respective roles, goals and tactics. We would ask how they each feel in your body, when they appeared in your life, what they push you to do or not do, why they want you to behave a certain way, etc...

The goal of Voice Dialogue is to reinforce your strength in the Center, as well as to embrace ALL of your inner-selves, because each and every one of them has a special role and your best interest at heart. Each one of this cast of inner characters is fulfilling a specific part in your psyche and all are necessary. Getting them to talk is helping resolve the inner conflicts and turmoils.

For artists, this technique becomes very interesting in clearing what holds you back. The voices will each speak their reasons, and you will be able to discover what is holding you back in your evolution and why you follow a certain behavior sometimes in spite of yourself. The key is to not judge, but to listen, with care, empathy and neutrality, so that each voice can feel respected and loved. After all, they have guided you to where you are and have your highest interest at heart. They only sometimes confuse protecting you with holding you back.

Actors are prime candidates for Voice Dialogue as it is exactly as working with a character, except that it is one of your inner-characters, one of your sub-personalities.
I discovered Voice Dialogue with late Mala Powers,  and Lisa Dalton of the Chekhov Institute,  and later studied with Martha-Lou Wolf, Ph.d. to become a facilitator. This has been a fascinating journey in the subconscious...
I invite you to try one of these sessions, and discover your inner-world of characters!

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