Saturday, September 8, 2012

How do you shine at castings and auditions?

How do you develop stage presence and charisma? Walk in an audition and blow them away? Make them remember you? Incite them to call you back?

Maybe it is not just about your technical ability, but more about your energy.... Read on this excerpt of A BALANCING ACT

"At castings and auditions, you need to radiate and shine. You need to exude power, charisma, and attraction. You need to make them want you, and only you. What better way than relaxing with energetic clearing and getting rid of all tension and frazzled energy? What better way than working on your aura and clearing your chakras and your entire energetic system so that you light up like a star? Clear all negative energy to attract abundance and sparkles from the source of all there is. Clear the casting room with energy projections to make it support your audition. Accelerate the spinning of your Flower of Life so that your vibrational rate increases and elevates, attracting what supports you and what’s yours to do. Hold your power and your will center to show your true strength. Release all expectations from your energetic system, so that you can perform freely and to the best of your ability. Open the best vessel of your sub-personalities to fit the character, and connect with the essence of that character, using your vibrational sense.
Finally, what better way than visualizing all what you can be and acting with your highest potential, your Highest Creative Self, your Highest Acting Self?
Afterwards, clear yourself of negativity, jealousy and competitive energies that could still be present. Clear yourself of rejection, self-deprecation and self-criticism and refocus on self-love, self-appreciation, acceptance and joy. You won’t get all the roles. But if you follow the technique, you’ll get the roles you are meant to play, and will let go of the ones you are not meant to do. Energize is a powerful technique for auditioning, it will put you ahead of the game and show your many colors and charisma, while protecting you from painful downfalls afterwards. "

This is an excerpt of the book A BALANCING ACT.  page 242. Want to read more? Click here

Emmanuelle Chaulet is an artist's coach and Lecturer in Theatre at the University of Southern Maine. Her technique ENERGIZE uses combinations of Michael Chekhov, Lee Strasberg, Voice Dialogue and Energy work.
She works in the USA during the year and in France during the summer months. She coaches performers privately in person, and via video conference Skype throughout the whole year.

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