Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gifts for Performing Artists


On this holiday season, it is always possible to get more 'stuff', line up at the mall department stores, and buy with frenzy more plastic, more electronic, more junk. Then the same junk will be promptly returned for cash refunds a few days after the holidays. An american tradition that has always baffled me.

But you can also choose to give gifts that can bring change and awareness. Gifts that have a meaning, and that will last longer, honor the spirit and feed the soul.
I personnally shy away from the mall, and try to make gifts myself, bake, craft or better even, give nurturing non-material gifts: a massage, a tree in the national forest, a theatre ticket or a concert ticket.

So in this more-than-ever materialistic season, reconnect with the soul spirit of the holidays, the care, love and gratitude.
The Season of Light.

Take great care of friends, family, and of yourself,
Gift Love,


Give the gift of career development to a serious performing artist:

Gift a SKYPE coaching session and career consultation: $50 holiday special

For serious actors, musicians and dancers interested in breaking through their blocks:
So, if your artist friend:
  • battles with self-doubt or stage fright 
  • feels a resonance with emotional scars that are slowing his or her artistic growth 
  • has a true creative self yearning to shine within
  • doesn't understand what it is, but feels something is blocking him/ her from reaching his/her highest potential
  • knows that a part of them is resisting making progress but doesn't know how to change that
  • wants feed back on their career self-marketing and promotion process
  • wants true individual attention
Then this session is for them!
The session can be a choice of Voice Dialogue and Inner Character work, energy awareness relaxation techniques, or career promotion counseling.


For more information on the packages, go to

Enrollement for Individual sessions packages (6 sessions or more) continues throughout the 2013 year.
Student rates and discount packages are available.

Gift the Book!


 A BALANCING ACT  is a great tool for actors, and explores the use of energy and inner-selves (sub-personalities) for character work. I also gives advice to live a healthy and balanced life in show business. Order a copy today!

Signed copies (at no additional charge) are only available directly with Starlight Acting Books.

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