Friday, October 2, 2015

The tiny missing piece in your acting training (yet it is huge!)

  • Have you ever felt that you understood the character perfectly and had a complete and accurate intellectual analysis but something was missing in order for you to show it on stage and in your body?
  • Have you ever noticed that there was a huge gap between character analysis and performance?
  • Do acting teachers tell you things like: 'don't anticipate, get in the moment, stop watching yourself!" and yet, you have no idea how?
  • Do you feel things like : "But I do feel it, and think it!" yet it is not readable by an audience?
If you ever had these common performance issues, then you will find a very clear answer in the book A BALANCING ACT.

There is a very simple missing link that can help you transform your intellectual understanding of a rôle to the actual performance and incarnation of this character.

This missing link is the understanding of how the energy system works in the mind and body. It is the mind/body/spirit connection. Energy is carried through your intention. Simply put, "you think, therefore you are".  However, when you apply this on a role, it is very important to carry it in the body, and change your energetic blueprint to become and "wear" the energetic blueprint of the character. This is achieved through mental exercises that connect your thoughts, your energy system, and your body. When the energy changes, your body changes too. It is actually incredible to watch on another actor. Their face, their attitude, their breath, their rhythm change when the energy changes. It is the powerful effect of energy vibration on the body.

A Balancing Act will give you the missing tools and knowledge, that can translate INTENTION into actual TRUTH IN PERFORMANCE.

A Balancing Act is a book that explain how it works in simple words, and will give you tools to apply this knowledge in the acting realm.

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To me the most beneficial aspect of the energy work is beginning the character development process with a clear system. With this clarity you can begin work with an open mind, body, and energetic system. I currently use Emmanuelle's techniques in all of my performances."

Sean Demers, actor, playwright, singer

Emmanuelle Chaulet’s work with the actress whom I directed was transformative. After their work together, Jude’s command of her character was indelibly set into place. As her director, my work with her on character ceased. I could then only step back and watch with profound engagement as she located – performance after performance – the heart of the role, conjuring her character with confidence, clarity, humor and grace. Emmanuelle Chaulet is an alchemist.

Richard O’Brien actor, director
"It is rare to find a subject that urgently needs to be discussed and about which too little is written. The need to train the entire being of the performing artist is just such a subject. Emmanuelle Chaulet's A Balancing Act is a godsend to performing artists of any sort. Knowing how to Energize allows us to endure and even thrive during the rise and fall, the constant state of transformation, the juggling of feelings, styles, jobs, and colleagues while maintaining an even keel."

Lisa Dalton, Co-founder, International Michael Chekhov Association, Award-Winning Actor/Producer/Director and Co-founder and Certifying Board, National Michael Chekhov Association 

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