Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Did Kiefer Sutherland become Jack Bauer?

Obviously, the star of 24 is not seeing clearly the frontier between his own self and his character self. Behaving more and more violently as Jack Bauer does, he was charged with assault after headbutting a fashion designer at a party.
Now the two men have come to an understanding after Kiefer apologized, and charges might be dropped, but this reminds us of our ongoing question: isn't it a case of post-performance stress? Does Keifer Sutherland have a hard time letting go of Jack Bauer? After all, he has performed 8 seasons of 24 hours...killing, torturing and saving millions of people in the process. Has violence become so "normal" for him that in real life he has no discernment?
Does he drink because he can't shake the character off? 

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