Monday, December 7, 2009

ACTORS HAVE POWER says Robert De Niro, so USE it! says Emmanuelle Chaulet

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De Niro: Actors have a lot of power in industry
07/12/2009 -

"The 66-year-old actor believes making movies has radically changed since he first started working because individual stars have so much power over what projects get given the go-ahead.

He said: "The young actors today have the power to make the decisions on the kinds of movies they want to do, because people want to see them. It's up to them really. I don't want to make it so heavy as to say they carry the responsibility, but they make those choices. "

I would argue that yes, they carry the responsibility to influence project so that the film not only entertains but challenges, teaches and raises the consciousness of the viewer..
YOU ARE POWERFUL ENOUGH TO CHANGE THE WORLD! and we need you to use this power NOW!
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Emmanuelle Chaulet
author, acting coach, director

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