Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gift Yourself With an Energy Refill This Holiday Season

Are you burned out?
Have you worked so hard and performed so much this fall season that you'd rather crawl in bed until spring?

Perfoming is fun, but it often takes its toll on one's energy and stamina. Burnout is a frequent consequence of too many long hours in rehearsals, late nights, and stressful moments on stage or in a film set, or at auditions.

As a performing artist you constantly put yourself on the line, feel constantly being judged, and are repeatedly being challenged to go to new levels.
You ARE embodying the Work of Art, your body, your voice, your emotions and your spirit are what makes the show; and the show  must always go on whether you are in shape or not. It is normal to sometimes feel overwhelmed and tired. Unfortunately, burnout is rarely acknowleged by performing arts schools. Good nutrition, exercise and sleep will help for sure, but often it will not be enough to give you a complete sensation of recharging of your inner-batteries.

The good news is that there are very powerful and efficient ways to recover quickly so you can be ready again for the upcoming JANUARY CASTING SEASON.  Energy work is one  of these powerful, quick and efficient ways to replenish your depleted energy.

Emmanuelle Chaulet (CRPL3, Energy Awareness Counselor, and Reiki practitioner) offers ENERGIZE Clearing and Coaching sessions for performing artists and creative souls.

ENERGIZE sessions clear, repair and align the energy system and help performers reach their highest creative potential as well as rebalance their emotions and energy system after performance. They are also perfect for healing performance anxiety, post-performance stress, creativity blocks and self-esteem issues or to reclaim your Highest Creative Self, your true emotional balance and develop deeper connections with your character.  

Emmanuelle is a  Certified RYSE® Practitioner Level III  (CRPL3) graduate of SPATECH Institute and uses RYSE® as well as other energy healing modalities.

A clearing session lasts about 90 minutes.
A combo session (clearing/coaching) lasts about 2 hours.

Student discounted rates are extended to all performers until January 1!

Sessions are held by appointment at HOLISTIC PATHWAYS in Gorham, Maine and also available by phone and via distance modality.

To Gift yourself with a session (or ask for a gift certificate for the holidays) contact Emmanuelle Chaulet

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