Friday, December 31, 2010

Brave Women & Courageous Actresses

On New Year's eve, two sad news, reinforce my urge to send a plea to you my friends, actors and performers... 
Love Thyself!
French Actress/model Isabelle Caro passes away after a long battle with anorexia and an extraordinarily courageous campaign to help other women an models fight the disease.

and lead actress of Broadway musical Spider-Man quits because of a head injury she received from performing the show many dangerous stunts... she choses to quit a career-making role, instead of risking her life.. that is a real act of courage..
These are two examples of how deadly show business pressure can become. These women showed unparallel courage to confront the big machine of showbiz. Isabelle Caro, unfortunately lost her battle. but found the strength to model for an awareness campaign on Anorexia before she died.
May their stories inspire you to honor yourself this coming year!
Emmanuelle Chaulet
Artists' Coach, Energy Awareness Counselor 

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