Monday, December 27, 2010

ENERGIZE™ : the other way

Happy New Year!

This time of year is my favorite when we do plans for the future, make resolutions and set the next course of our ship to sail the uncharted territories of our mission exploration….

As performers, it also means getting ready for these Pilot seasons, starting a new semester, or simply sharpening skills and talent. And there is ALWAYS something to learn. Artists are well aware that they should be in constant exploration of their craft and in the pursuit of the highest creative expression… But why not add:  also in the pursuit of happiness?

Is there really a curse, which requires artists to suffer for their art? Or can you be a happy, yet profoundly creative artist? We have all seen, read, heard about the myth of the starving artist who is constantly in pain to pull out his next creation, but is it really what it takes? Do you have to wring your guts to do good work? Isn’t there another way?

I deeply believe there is. A way where the path is exhilarating, yet safe, where the road wanders in amazing landscapes, but where you always remember where you go, and where you come from. A way where Balance is supporting Creativity.

I have researched for years this other way, and am privileged to share with you my discoveries. Using the awareness of Energy, you can keep your instrument grounded, balanced, and energized, and yet tap into the other vibrations of the character world and of the play, without risking getting lost in them, but always finding your way home…

ENERGIZE™ is this method, and I invite you to not only read it in the book A BALANCING ACT, but to also try it in sessions and workshops. Contact me for an individual distance or in person session.

Let me also know if your school, or University is ready to explore this new technique.
I’ll be very happy to transport to you!

Live Long and Prosper,

Artists' coach, Energy Awareness Counselor, CRPL3
Author, Speaker, International Film Actress
Workshop Leader

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