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An Actor's Purpose

An Actor’s Purpose

© Emmanuelle Chaulet 2008

Eckhart Tolle, two times bestseller author (The Power of Now and A New Earth: Awakening to your Life’s Purpose) says, “We are running out of time.”

There is no more time. Wherever you look there are conflicts, environmental issues, abuse of one culture by another, of one class by another, and of one race by another. Things must change now or humanity will simply destroy itself and its planet.

We, as actors, are a prime instrument of the change necessary to awaken the human race to a new consciousness and understanding. We are the contemporary teachers that can show, demonstrate and engage people in choosing the right path and make the right decisions so the planet finally evolves to an era of peace, understanding and compassion.

People nowadays generally watch movies more than they go to church, read books, or study spiritual teachings. Movies – and plays -– are an extraordinarily powerful way of teaching humanity. We cannot let film – and theatre– become a tool of oppression that keeps people in a state of numbness. We as actors, must rise to the challenge and transform the way we work to bring it far beyond entertainment. As actors, we are spiritual acolytes serving a greater good and we must reconnect with our higher purpose, our higher selves and raise our vibration so we can lead the way. We are much more than entertainers. We are spiritual leaders.

So, let’s examine our state of consciousness and raise it to the next level of awareness so in turn, we raise the consciousness of others. “To work on your art, work on yourself,” says Chekhov. We as actors need to learn the tools, and study the extraordinary potential of energy. With the knowledge and understanding of the subtle energetic system, we can develop our presence, our “radiation” to touch the audience – and the casting directors – at a whole other level. We can bring the consciousness of our spectators to a higher state, transform the world AND keep ourselves sane and balanced throughout that journey.

The human energy field is the part of the iceberg below the water line: the biggest, strongest, most powerful and stabilizing part; yet it is invisible. It connects you to the subtle realms of higher vibrations, and to your higher consciousness. It can elevate you to your Highest Creative Self, your Highest Acting Self.

Your next challenge is to understand the anatomy of this energetic system, practice its mechanism, and learn how to use it to its greatest potential.
The truth is: it is very easy….
You only need the very tools an actor uses every day: mind power and imagination!

So play with it, explore and Energize your work.

Emmanuelle Chaulet
Adjunct faculty/ Artist in Residence,
University of Southern Maine Department of Theatre
Author, A Balancing Act: the development of Energize! a holistic approach to acting
Paper back -336 pages – Illustrated
Published in 2008 by STARLIGHT ACTING BOOKS

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