Thursday, March 27, 2008

Caring for your instrument

© Emmanuelle Chaulet 2008

Happy Spring!

It doesn’t feel yet like it in Maine, but the calendar says: it is time to get out of our shells! After the going inward contraction of the winter, spring is the time to expand, try new things and explore the world.

The seeds you have planted are now growing to see the light and will bloom in an abundance of colors and scents. Take this special moment to reflect on your own growth, and plant new seeds:

- Have you planted the seeds of self-care?
- Have you planted the seeds of a renewed spiritual commitment to your own growth?
- Have you planted the seeds of finding time for yourself?
- Have you planted the seeds of living in the present?
- Have you planted the seeds of gratitude?

The famous “Secret” of success is to change your vibration to a higher frequency that will attract what you love and want, instead of focusing on what you don’t want. Thought is power, thought is energy and will manifest in the tangible world. If you change your thoughts you can change your world.

This spring, watch your spiritual seeds grow, nurture them with water, sun, light and tender love and care. You’ll see an abundance of blooming results in a few weeks.

Be patient, (there is no need to tug on the young plants like a farmer once did!) just patiently watch, wait and enjoy the time, like you would do while watching a child grow. This is your spiritual evolution you are watching enfold.

As actors, you have a responsibility to the world: to teach and show a new way so we, human beings, learn to coexist in peace and respect each other and our planet. Your mission is no smaller than that.

You are a Living Work of Art, so take care of your precious instrument: yourself.

Emmanuelle Chaulet

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the development of Energize! a holistic approach to acting

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Here are a few readers’ reactions on the book.
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"Emmanuelle Chaulet's work was a revelation to me. I found that her work with the 'Disowned Self' was a relevant to my work as a playwright as it was to my work as a performer. A Balancing Act is long overdue!"
Carolyn Gage, award-winning lesbian-feminist playwright, performer,
director, and activist

“I wish I had discovered Energize and A Balancing Act while I was training as an actor, it would have given me a stronger spine and a more colorful spectrum of the character 's energy. Our vital force is our engine, so how can an actor perform and not be aware of that energy? It is about time to accept the osmosis between art and energy...”
Marie Preaud-Hamann, actress, model, & photographer

“Just letting you know that I have just finished reading [A Balancing Act] Energize- it has taken me a while as I wanted to really enjoy every part of the book. I absolutely loved it and felt it addressed a lot of the issues that I face as an actress. I already work with the Michael Chekhov technique and feel that this takes it all a step further and answers questions that I still didn't think had been answered. I am looking forward to putting it all into practice and will be reading it again. I would highly recommend this book. Please pass on my best wishes to Emmanuelle and thank her for creating such a much-needed acting book.
Warmest wishes”
Claire Cordingley, actress. London

“Hi Emmanuelle,
What a beautiful book! The cover is gorgeous and the color inserts are beautiful.
You did a wonderful job. You must be so happy with this.
And I am so thrilled to have an RPT bringing this work out into the theatrical world.
Best to you,”
Nancy Risley, author, RYSE, Tools for Life, Holding Your Personal Power and Life Force and developer of RYSE

"Members who experience post-performance stress disorder may be interested in a new book, A Balancing Act, by Emmanuelle Chaulet, international film actress and theatre director, Fulbright scholar and adjunct faculty member at the University of Southern Maine Department of Theatre."
Actors’ Equity Association -Winter Newsletter 2008

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