Monday, March 31, 2008

Do you experience Post-Performance Stress?

Examples of symptoms that might sometimes happen to you:

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• Do you feel emptied out? Exhausted?
• Do you feel overly excited? Restless?
• Do you feel sad? Depressed?
• Do you feel lonely?
• Do you have a hard time sleeping?
• Do you have a hard time forgetting the character and coming back to your normal self?
• Do you feel confused?
• Do you need to eat a lot?
• Do you want to drink alcohol more than usual?
• Do you crave sugar?
• Do you feel a loss?
• Do you cry easily?
• Do you feel overly emotional (get over-excited or have angry outbursts)?
• Do you feel a sense of void in your life after the show is over?
• Do you feel terrible about yourself and criticize your performance, reviewing each detail?
• Do you feel fear?
• Do you feel exhilaration?
• Do you need to have people around you?
• Do you feel numb?
• Do you get sick?

List your own symptoms and how often they happen:

Mental Stress? Physical Stress? Emotional Stress?

Do a self-evaluation and post your comments.
It would help others to know they are not alone...

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